WLAN antenna adapter cable RP-SMA / Mini HF BNC 0.5m

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WLAN Antenna adapter cable for use with WLAN Routers, Modems and Access Points!
DO you want to place your WLAN antenna in a distance from your WLAN box? Or do you want to use a different WLAN antenna?

If the cable of your WLAN box antenna is fixed to the antenna (i.e. for several famous WLAN boxes like some FritzBox 7050 series) you will require this internal adapter cable to mount it into your WLAN box.

Please check in advance if your WLAN box has the appropriate mini BNC connectors!
This adapter cable is designed for use with any external WLAN antennas with RP-SMA connector. It is availbale from 15cm to 3m.
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