USB & FireWire

Attaching everything to your computer from keyboard and mice to powered video cables and card readers, the universal serial bus is a standard that seems poised to outlive us all. And while Firewire offered an alternative that never could quite outdo USB, it also isn't going away anytime soon. For all things USB and Firewire, browse our inventory of hubs and switches and readers and cables.

Hubs and Docking Stations

To get more out of your Firewire and USB cables, check out our selection of hubs and extenders to multiply the amount of available ports your computer has or to extend the range of your peripherals. Our Firewire and USB extenders can give you a few more meters or enable your peripherals to reach around corners and into other rooms of your building.

Got an internal hard drive you'd like to have quick access to without having to pop open your computer case? Check out our USB docking stations. Just as easily as you can plug and play with an external hard drive, our docking stations make it simple to grab data from an internal hard drive.

USB Graphics Adapters and Other Accessories

When you have a secondary display device and not enough video ports to accommodate it on your system, take a look at our USB Graphics adapters. They'll take an analog or digital video signal and route them through a USB port on your computer, so you can use your second screen without having to unplug your primary.

And the conversion capabilities don't end with video. USB-based solutions can also help you easily switch data interfaces, going from serial or parallel to USB for example.

You'll also find a host of other USB-based accessories in our inventory, including charging devices and sync cradle along with card reader for turning your memory cards into jump drives.