Tool wallet LAN & Universal (54-part)

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Tool wallet with the following tools:

  • Side cutters
  • Flat pliers with cutting blade
  • Pincette
  • 3-armed gripper
  • Chipset extractor
  • Screwdriver with LED lamp and replaceable slotted/Phillips tips
  • Ratchet screwdriver for bits, with joint
  • 10 different bit attachments:
    • Slotted 4mm, 6mm
    • Philips bits PH1, PH2
    • Pozi bits PZ1, PZ2
    • Star bits T8, T10, T15
    • 1x adapter bit for hexagon spanner head
  • 5x hexagon spanner head
  • 9-part hexagon key set angled
  • Antistatic earthing strap
    • LAN cable tester, master and remote unit (9V block battery required, not included)
    • Crimping and stripping pliers for RJ45 connectors
    • Plastic container with
      • 4x RJ45 connector UTP
      • 4 jumpers (jumper plugs)
      • 4 washers
      • 8 PC screws (2 types)


  • in tool pouch with zipped fastener and carry strap


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