Self-adhesive Foam Pads

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  • Secure SSD & HDD in 2.5″ Drive Enclosures
  • 4 pieces of EVA foam with single sided self-adhesive
  • Customizable - cut to size as required
  • Ideal for installing 7mm or 7.5mm HDDs into standard 2.5” hard drive enclosures designed for 9.5mm high HDD
  • color: black



These Self-adhesive Foam Pads fill the space between a drive and the drive enclosure, cutting down on the possible range of movement of a drive and therefore reducing the risk of damage to the drives SATA connection.


SSD/HDDs vary in depth - either 7 or 7.5mm - leaving a relatively large amount of space for them to move in a 2.5″ drive enclosure or housing.


Overtime, everyday knocks or movement can fatigue an unsecured drive's connection to the rest of the PC, causing the connection to fail and - in a worse case scenario - damage the SATA connection pins making the drive virtually inoperable.


By filling the gap between the drive and the housing with a foam pad you can cushion the drive and help reduce the risk of damage to it or its connections.


Additional benefits of installing these pads include some reduction in vibration transmissions from HDDs, helping cut down on general running noise. Dimensions (each piece) 10x9.5x2.5mm (WxDxH).

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