Rotating Notebook Stand, Suitable for 15-17″ Notebooks

Portable notebook stand for comfort, ease of use and cooling!
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  • Designed for notebooks with 15″ to 17″ size screens
  • Height adjustable stand for lifting notebook display to create a more comfortable typing angle
  • Allows a free flow of air underneath the notebook for effective passive cooling and heat dissipation
  • 360° rotating base allows the notebook to be swivelled around to share with others - perfect for meetings, training and demonstrations
  • Very compact and light portable design
  • Distance between front and rear stand: 220mm (Min) - 260mm (Max)
  • Dimensions: 328 x 298mm (WxD)

A Rotating Notebook Stand suitable for notebooks with sreens from 12″ to 14″ in size is available here.
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