Mounting System TV / Projector / Notebook / PC

A mounting system is a fantastic way to position your device — whether it be a PC, laptop, projector or TV — at an optimal position for comfortable viewing. They can also be used to create a more organized and safe device setup, such as in situations where you want to under-mount your CPU or ceiling-mount a projector. LINDY makes everything from a low-cost projector desk stand or laptop stand (for use with a desk clamp bracket pole) to a high-end mobile TV trolley that turns your plasma and LCD TVs or monitors into a rolling viewing station.

We also supply handy options such as easy-to-install brackets for notebook wall mount as well as mobile CPU stands that are ideal for anyone who needs to regularly move their PC. Our notebook and PC mounting solutions are designed to allow you to use your computer at your desk without taking up valuable surface area, so they’re great for offices and workspaces where space is a primary concern. Each of these mounting components has its own unique weight limitation, so make sure to choose a style that’s equipped to support your particular device.

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  1. Under Desk CPU Holder
    Under Desk CPU Holder
    Part Number: 40284
  2. Mobile CPU Stand, Beige
    Mobile CPU Stand, Beige
    Part Number: 40285
  3. Mobile CPU Stand, Black
    Mobile CPU Stand, Black
    Part Number: 40286
  4. LCD Bracket
    LCD Bracket
    Part Number: 40695
  5. Adjustable LCD Arm
    Adjustable LCD Arm
    Part Number: 40696
  6. Dual Adjustable LCD Arms
    Dual Adjustable LCD Arms
    Part Number: 40697
  7. Desktop Notebook Arm
    Desktop Notebook Arm
    Part Number: 40699
  8. LCD Wall Bracket, Black
    LCD Wall Bracket, Black
    Part Number: 40721
  9. Notebook Arm
    Notebook Arm
    Part Number: 40732
  10. Mobile Plasma & LCD Trolley
    Mobile Plasma & LCD Trolley
    Part Number: 40736
  11. LCD Wall Bracket, Silver
    LCD Wall Bracket, Silver
    Part Number: 40766
  12. 450mm Desk Grommet Clamp Pole
    450mm Desk Grommet Clamp Pole
    Part Number: 40962

16 Items

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