HDMI M/F Power Feeder Adapter W/USB A plug

To feed 5 Volts into HDMI
In stock

Allows additional power to be added to the HDMI Interface

Ideal for use with bus powered HDMI switches, splitters, converters and extenders

HDMI A Male & USB Type A Male to HDMI A Female connection

USB interface may be connected to source device USB port or external USB power supply

Length: HDMI Cable 15cm, USB Cable 50cm

10 Year Warranty


The HDMI interface was not designed to power external devices, but rather to supply sufficient power to complete the initial handshake, HDCP authentication and EDID Exchange. Whilst many source devices provide more than the specified 55mA to perform these functions, they do not always provide enough additional power to allow the operation of external HDMI accessories such as Active HDMI Cables, HDMI to VGA Converters and HDMI fiber Optic Cables.


Connecting the HDMI Power Injector Cable overcomes this issue and allows you to provide additional power to such devices, by positioning the cable inline between the HDMI source and the HDMI Accessory and then connecting the USB cable to a USB port on your HDMI Source (PC with low power graphics card or Bluray player etc) or to an external USB power supply (not included).

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