HDMI Cascadeable Daisy Chain Cat.6 Extender - Receiver/Repeater

Full HD - max 150m for every segment - Not for LAN
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This extender allows you to transmit an HDMI video signal to a series of remote displays/projectors up to a distance of up to 150m between each Transmitter (no.38140) and Receiver/Repeater (no.38141) using high quality Cat.5e/6 solid core cables.

Each HDMI Receiver/Repeater (no.38141) unit features a HDMI output port for local connection of a display/projector and two RJ45 output ports allowing further Receiver/Repeaters to be cascaded. This allows a single Transmitter to be used with up to 100 displays/projectors by cascading through multiple layers.

Please Note: Network components are not required and not allowed in this daisy chain system!



  1.  Supports display resolutions up to 1920x1080
  2. HDMI 1.3 Compliant, HDCP compatible, 3D signals are not supported
  3. Transmission range up to 150m for each segment over Cat.5e cable
  4. Integrated HDMI Splitter on the Receiver/Repeater Unit to connect 1 HDMI Display and 2 cascaded Receivers/Repeaters.
  5. Up to 31 levels (max 100 displays connected) of Receiver/Repeater can be used
  6. Plug & Play Installation: no configuration required
  7. No EDID data pass though function (please refer to the table in the section “EDID Presets” at the end of the manual to see the supported video modes)
  8. Supported Audio formats:LPCM 2-channel, 16/20/24 bit depths at 32/44/48 kHz



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