Connector Lock for our older Premium Gold Standard Speed HDMI Range (Part No's 37400 to 37409)

Secure connection for LINDY Premium Gold HDMI Cables!
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Unlike DVI and VGA connectors which feature thumbscrews for attaching cables, standard HDMI cables lack any means of creating a secure connection to a display, projector, wall plate or other device.
The LINDY HDMI Connector Lock is an innovative solution developed to overcome this limitation. Designed to be used in conjunction with our discontinued range of Premium Gold Standard HDMI cables only (Part No's 37400 to 37409). The Connector Lock is manufactured from a high quality thermoplastic polymer which, when warm, easily slips over the HDMI connector and forms a tight fit as it cools down. A built-in thumbscrew then allows the cable to be secured to one of our HDMI face plates or a suitably equipped HDMI device. (See below for more information)
  • Provides a secure HDMI connection to a LINDY wall plate or suitable HDMI device
  • Only for use with discontinued LINDY Premium Gold Standard Speed HDMI cables (Part No's 37400 to 37409)
  • Innovative design – easy to install
  • Ideal for use in education, training, public display and presentation environments
  • Two connector locks and two hex nuts supplied
* Please Note: This connector lock is not compatible with newer LINDY Premium Gold HDMI Cables. It must be used with Part No's 37400 to 37409 only!
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