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Ergonomics are key to both keyboard and mouse combinations. The right keyboard and mouse combination can make all the difference between powering through your day and agonizing over each gesture or keystroke as your productive hours painfully grind by. And sometimes, one keyboard and mouse set just isn't enough and more compact variants of these peripherals can help you stay productive even when you're away from your workstation.

Besides taking the distraction out typing and clicking, a comfortable keyboard and mouse combo will also decrease the likelihood that your working years won't haunt you in retirement with carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. Along with ergonomic input devices, you should also consider pads to keep your wrists comfortable and free of the nagging problems that could develop into serious issues.

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  1. PS/2 Y-Adaptor Cable, 0.15m
    PS/2 Y-Adaptor Cable, 0.15m
    Part Number: 30365
  2. MIDI Connection Cable, 5m
    MIDI Connection Cable, 5m
    Part Number: 31512
  3. PS/2 connection cable 1m
    PS/2 connection cable 1m
    Part Number: 33265
  4. PS/2 Cable, 2m
    PS/2 Cable, 2m
    Part Number: 33266
  5. PS/2 Cable, 3m
    PS/2 Cable, 3m
    Part Number: 33267
  6. PS/2 Cable, 5m
    PS/2 Cable, 5m
    Part Number: 33268
  7. PS/2 Cable, 10m
    PS/2 Cable, 10m
    Part Number: 33270
  8. 2m PS/2 Extension Cable
    2m PS/2 Extension Cable
    Part Number: 33461
  9. 3m PS/2 Extension Cable
    3m PS/2 Extension Cable
    Part Number: 33462
  10. 5m PS/2 Extension Cable
    5m PS/2 Extension Cable
    Part Number: 33463
  11. USB to PS/2 Adapter
    USB to PS/2 Adapter
    Part Number: 70000

22 items

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