Extender (DisplayPort-HDMI-DVI-VGA)

You can have more bandwidth than you could ever use, but it won’t do you much good if your cables come up short or you have just one output when you need multiple. But solving your setup’s shortcomings is just a matter of finding the right parts of the puzzle to piece together the big-picture installation you envision.

From DisplayPort and HDMI to serial and VGA connections, we’ve developed both wired and wireless solutions for piecing your displays and outputs together. Add dozens more meters to you HDMI output using one of our Ethernet-based extenders and keep remote control over your connections with one of our add-on IR extenders. Or, expand your DisplayPort connection by hundreds of meters, using our extenders that are fitted for fiber-optic patch cables.

When the displays outnumber the outputs, you can insert out splitter/extender boxes into your setup to add both range and ports. Whether you want to feed two screens or eight display, our splitter/extender will help you get more out of your uncompressed digital audio and video, and will carry the signal further.

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  1. Cat. 5 VGA-Extender 300m
    Cat. 5 VGA-Extender 300m
    Part Number: 32540
  2. Cat. 5 VGA-Extender, 750m
    Cat. 5 VGA-Extender, 750m
    Part Number: 32541
  3. HDMI Extender, 45m
    HDMI Extender, 45m
    Part Number: 32548
  4. DVI Repeater / Extender, 80m
    DVI Repeater / Extender, 80m
    Part Number: 32667
  5. 60m HDMI Repeater / Extender
    60m HDMI Repeater / Extender
    Part Number: 32669
  6. VGA Extender—CAT5e, 50m
    VGA Extender—CAT5e, 50m
    Part Number: 37571
  7. HDMI CAT5e/6 Extender 35m
    HDMI CAT5e/6 Extender 35m
    Part Number: 38001
  8. HDMI & IR CAT6 Extender Pro 40m
    HDMI & IR CAT6 Extender Pro 40m
    Part Number: 38002

73 items

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