Part Number: 40720
Price: $105.00
Universal Projector Ceiling Mounted Bracket

Universal Projector Ceiling Mounted Bracket

Adjustable solution for mounting your projector!

  • Can be used with most projectors up to a maximum weight of 11.5kg
  • Adjustable length: from 74.5cm to 114.5cm
  • Fully adjustable projector mount arms
  • Tilt and rotate adjustment
  • Dimensions:
    • Maximum dimensions: 370mm to outer radius
    • Supplied with:
      • 4 x Ceiling mount fixing screws & washers
      • 8 x Projector mounting screws
      • 4 x Extension arms with screws
      • 4 x Cables ties for securing power/video cables
      • 1 x Allen Key
      • Installation instructions
    • Color: Black

    For a shorter bracket see our Short Universal Projector Ceiling Mounted Bracket.


This high quality ceiling mounted bracket can be used with most projectors up to a maximum weight of 11.5kg. The sturdy, steel design consists of an outer tube which mounts onto the ceiling and an inner extension pole. The complete assembly can extend from 74.5cm to a maximum length of 114cm. The projector is secured using four fully adjustable arms which can be moved to align with the projectors mounting points. A universal joint allows the projector to be rotated and tilted.


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