Part Number: 41229
Price: $25.00
DVI & USB to P&D (M1-DA, EVC) Analog & Digital Adapter Cable

DVI & USB to P&D (M1-DA, EVC) Analog & Digital Adapter Cable

Connect DVI-A / DVI-D / DVI-I and USB from your computer to the M1-DA port of a P&D enabled projector!

  • Supports both Analog & Digital DVI connections
  • Supports both DVI Single Link & Dual Link connections
  • DVI-I Female + USB 2.0 Type B Female to P&D (M1-DA, EVC) Male
  • EMC/RF shielded
  • Length: 20cm
  • 10 year warranty


This adapter enables projectors with a P&D connector (also known as M1, M1-DA or EVC) to connect to an analog DVI-A, digital DVI-D or digital or analog DVI-I and USB ports of your computer. The USB 2.0 connection is used to supply commands from the projector's remote control to the computer - allowing you to scroll through PowerPoint or other Multi-media presentations and to update the firmware of certain projectors.


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