Part Number: 41008
Price: $25.00
DVI-I Dual Link Female to DVI-D Male + VGA Male Monitor Splitter Cable

DVI-I Dual Link Female to DVI-D Male + VGA Male Monitor Splitter Cable

Connect your computer to two monitors!

  • Connectors: DVI-I Dual Link + Analog Female to DVI-D Dual Link Male + VGA 15 Way HD Male
  • Length: 20cm
  • 10 Year Warranty

Note: Before purchasing this cable, please ensure that your computer can output simultaneous digital and analog signals from its DVI-I port. You may need to check your system documentation or contact your computer manufacturer for clarification. A DVI-I cable is required to connect to a DVI-I output port. We also recommend that, if possible, you use a monitor that supports automatic switching between analog and digital video inputs, otherwise you will have to manually select the appropriate input on your monitor each time you switch between PCs.


This splitter cable enables a computer, which supports simultaneous digital and analog video output via its DVI-I output port, to be connected to two separate monitors, e.g. one DVI TFT and one VGA CRT. Use a DVI-I cable to connect the splitter cables DVI-I Female connector to the DVI-I output port on your monitor.


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